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A satellite photo provided by Maxar Technologies shows a view of the Olenivka detention center, after an explosion reportedly killed Ukrainian soldiers. (Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies/AP)
A satellite photo supplied by Maxar Technologies shows a look at the Olenivka detention center, after a surge apparently wiped out Ukrainian soldiers. (Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies/AP)


In early stages This summer 29, around the borders of Olenivka village in eastern Ukraine, a mysterious explosion tore via a separatist-controlled prison housing countless Ukrainian detainees. The blast wiped out a minimum of 50 people, based on Russian officials, including fighters who surrendered to Russia in May in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

Each side have blamed one another for that massacre — a possible war crime. And Russian and separatist officials, in the self-announced Donetsk People’s Republic, where Olenivka is situated, have barred independent investigators from reaching the website.

Russia’s Defense Ministry claims that Ukrainian forces caused the blast utilizing a U.S.-provided rocket launcher referred to as HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), inside a strike designed to prevent fighters from quitting information.

But available pictures of the destroyed building in the prison appear sporadic having a HIMARS-launched attack, based on six experts The Washington Publish consulted. Professionals couldn’t for sure say what caused the harm, however they pointed to too little shrapnel marks and craters and just minimal harm to internal walls within the available visuals from the aftermath. Rather, there have been visible indications of a powerful fire, that is at odds with damage brought on by the most typical HIMARS warhead.

Satellite imagery seems to exhibit recent physical changes towards the complex, and former detainees told The Publish these were formerly housed inside a different area where the blast happened. Ukrainian government bodies claiming a deliberate change in fighters to a different housing area, that was ultimately the region broken within the blast, shows that Russian forces decided a panic attack.

Here’s what we all know by what happened at Olenivka prison on This summer 29.

What we should know of the prison and it is detainees

The prison camp is situated only a couple of miles in the front line — contributing to 12 miles in the town of Donetsk. It’s split into two sections: one with barracks and detention facilities and yet another by having an out-of-use industrial zone where inmates accustomed to work years back, once the prison would be a regular penal colony, based on former detainees who spoken with The Publish.

Since May, the ability has housed several 1000 individuals from Mariupol. One of the detainees were about 1,500 fighters from Azovstal, the ex-commander from the Ukrainian national guard’s Azov Regiment, Maksym Zhorin, told the Connected Press.

The Worldwide Committee from the Red Mix visited the ability in Olenivka two times — on May 18 “to assess the requirements of prisoners of war” as well as on May 20, “to drop water tanks outdoors,” the business told The Publish. On May 19, the ICRC stated inside a statement it had registered countless Ukrainian prisoners of war who surrendered in Mariupol.

However the organization has not been granted access to Olenivka because the attack.

Ukrainian intelligence officials allege the site from the blast had only lately been outfitted to accommodate prisoners, a refurbishment that concluded only 2 days before. Next, detainees from Azovstal were moved in.

A number of videos printed by Russian media at the begining of June, and lately shared by free intelligence analyst Oliver Alexander on Twitter, shows detainees in the facility. Prisoners is visible walking inside or near various structures, together with a mess hall and barracks, encircled with a fenced perimeter.

Three former prisoners, released from Olenivka in This summer, confirmed towards the Publish these locations have been in southeast the ability, where detainees were housed. One stated the structures in satellite imagery.

The blast broken a structure located north from the housing barracks — a white-colored-roofed warehouse, mounted on an extended structure. The previous prisoners who spoken with The Publish stated it was similar to areas of the commercial zone in the facility where prisoners labored previously.

Former Ukraine prison detainees doubt Russia’s deadly blast story

Blast site



Living quarters

Source: This summer 27 satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies


Blast site


Living quarters

Source: This summer 27 satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies


Blast site


Living quarters

Source: This summer 27 satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies


Satellite imagery taken by Maxar Technologies on This summer 27 shows what seem to be categories of people congregated in open areas near where prisoners confirmed these were housed prior to the blast, based on Steven En Fuente, an investigation affiliate in the Middlebury Institute of Worldwide Studies along with a senior analyst at Maxar Technologies.

Satellite imagery also confirms recent changes in the region all around the structure broken within the blast. In This summer, an obstacle was set up east from the building, based on En Fuente and Tony Roper, an independent military analyst and blogger. The nearby area also made an appearance to become removed of shrubbery.

Inside a joint statement the next day the attack, Ukraine’s military, security and intelligence services pointed to “the deliberate change in fighters to new premises shortly prior to the explosion” as proof of “the planned nature of the crime and it is commission through the Russian side.”

Ukrainian government bodies also declare that graves were dug within the prison complex shortly prior to the explosion. Imagery taken by Planet Labs satellites implies that land in the southern fringe of the compound was altered beginning sometime between This summer 18 and 21.

A number of ground disturbances, calculating roughly 5-6 meters long, may be seen in el born area in Maxar images adopted This summer 27. Roper along with a Maxar senior analyst stated the imagery alone was inconclusive, but En Fuente stated the disturbances were “reminiscent of human gravesites” at areas throughout the war.

Eventually following the explosion, the disturbances made an appearance to possess been partly covered.

Ukraine and Russia trade blame for attack killing Mariupol prisoners

What both sides states concerning the explosion

On This summer 29, soon after 9 a.m. local time, a message made an appearance around the Telegram account of Deputy Information Minister Daniil Bezsonov from the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic, proclaiming that a panic attack had happened overnight in the prison, that they attributed to Ukrainian HIMARS.

Russia’s Defense Ministry then issued an announcement calling the blast a “bloody provocation” by Ukraine. As well as on Wednesday, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin stated that Ukraine had transported the attack to avoid the prisoners from giving testimony about alleged Ukrainian war crimes. Darya Morozova, a separatist official, stated no Russian pads were hurt.

Ukrainian defense officials have denied launching attacks around Olenivka and rather accused Russia of staging the blast to “cover in the torture and execution of prisoners” in the facility. President Volodymyr Zelensky known as it a “deliberate Russian war crime.”

According to “available data,” Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency alleged Wednesday that Russian-backed forces had spread a “highly flammable substance” which, upon detonation, “led towards the rapid spread from the fire within the premises.” It didn’t specify the substance or present evidence. The company accused Moscow’s FSB spy agency and Wagner Group mercenaries of participation within the plot.

The U . s . States believes Russia will fabricate evidence to pin the culprit for that killings on Ukraine, including by planting ammunition from the HIMARS, based on a U.S. intelligence finding first as reported by the Connected Press and confirmed through the Publish. Russian media shared photos of the items they claimed were fragments of U.S.-made HIMARS rockets in the scene.

“The Ukrainians happen to be delivering lots of HIMARS their way,” a senior U.S. defense official stated, speaking on the health of anonymity to brief the press, suggesting that Russians might have put together pieces from unrelated attacks elsewhere.

Ukrainian government bodies also cast doubt out there Russia printed online of individuals wiped out or hurt. Andriy Yusov, the official within the Internal Matters and Communications Ministry, stated some soldiers out there were considered to happen to be elsewhere during the time of the explosion.

The Un intends to launch a well known fact-finding mission.

What legal rights do prisoners of war have under worldwide law?

Exactly what the evidence shows to date

Videos from the prison published around the morning of This summer 29 by Russian media sources show indications of a powerful fire. However the structure is basically intact, aside from the roofing. Charred physiques of victims may be seen in bunkbeds and on the ground. Other physiques, showing couple of indications of contact with fire, are filmed outdoors your building. The amount of physiques visible within this initial group of videos is way less compared to 50 Ukrainian soldiers the Russian Secretary of state for Defense stated were wiped out.

The six experts — including arson investigators, engineers and weapons analysts — cautioned against drawing firm conclusions concerning the attack. But many agreed the available visual proof of the aftermath didn’t bear the hallmarks of the HIMARS attack.

George William Herbert, an adjunct professor in the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, told The Publish that although there is some proof of a surge of some type, the harm appeared sporadic by having an attack involving HIMARS, which delivers rockets without incendiary warheads.

“I have no idea the way you receive from an explosive — although not incendiary — warhead to some fire like this,” Herbert stated. “I do see some central floor area beds blown apart or twisted from your explosion, but no signs which was a rocket warhead.”

Areas of the metal roofing around the building collapsed inward but were largely lacking from the heavy burn marks visible elsewhere. Herbert told The Publish that recommended the rooftop was introduced lower after a preliminary explosion or fire.

“The very light structural harm to the walls appears incompatible using the expected results of the conventional HIMARS rocket,” analysts in the defense intelligence provider Janes authored within an assessment conducted for that Publish.

Janes also stated the elaborate operation that Russia is accusing Ukraine of undertaking could have been hard to accomplish, requiring remarkable precision and coordination in addition to real-time updates around the pattern of existence inside.

If Russia was the offender, “this would clearly be considered a war crime,” William Schabas, an worldwide law professor at Middlesex College working in london, authored within an email.

If Ukraine targeted its very own soldiers, as Moscow has asserted, it would definitely be “the ordinary crime of murder” as opposed to a war crime, Schabas stated.

John Hudson and David L. Stern led to this report.




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