Tulane College ends routine COVID-19 testing without signs and symptoms – NOLA.com

Tulane College is ending its routine free testing of scholars for COVID-19 after 2 yrs of pandemic surveillance.

The college stated its vaccination and booster rates have strengthened students, faculty and staff to the stage it does not need to check students that do not show indications of coronavirus infection. Tulane stated it’ll continue testing faculty, students and staff who:

  • Have signs and symptoms or have been in close connection with individuals have tested positive
  • Individuals who plan to travel and have lately came back from traveling.

Tulane also continuously offer community testing to family and buddies and can give a fee for this.

The brand new policy becomes effective Monday.

“These changes will align us more carefully using the practices in our peer institutions through the country along with the recommendations of public health professionals,” the college stated.&nbsp

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