Russia Scrambling To Pay For Destroyed Bridges In Southern Ukraine, Satellite Imagery Suggests – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Russia has started utilizing a makeshift ferry crossing to maneuver military equipment over the Dnieper River to provide forces holding the occupied Ukrainian town of Kherson as Kyiv’s forces press forward, an study of satellite imagery by Schemes shows.

The crossing first made an appearance in images adopted August 1 through the private company Planet Labs. They seem to exhibit six bits of military equipment around the ferry in a landing close to the village of Prydniprovske, just northeast from the town of Kherson, and 4 others on shore ready for crossing.

Schemes, an investigative unit of RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service, has gotten copies from the images. Drone photographs contain additional evidence.

On This summer 30, the British Defense Ministry stated it had been “highly likely” that Russian forces had established two pontoon bridges along with a ferry system around the Dnieper to pay after Ukrainian forces bumped out to key two bridges – one for cars and something for trains — with rocket attacks.

The developments came at any given time when Ukrainian forces took back some villages and towns that Russia had grabbed within the Kherson Oblast, and in front of what is a significant Ukrainian counteroffensive in the region, aimed partly they are driving Moscow’s forces from the town of Kherson.

Russian troops grabbed Kherson soon after President Vladimir Putin launched a sizable-scale, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24. It’s the greatest city they control outdoors the Donbas, further east, and is based on a vital area close to the isthmus linking landmass Ukraine towards the Russian-held Crimean Peninsula.

Moscow-installed government bodies are attempting to consolidate Russian control of the location – that have an active resistance movement — and make preparations Kherson for any possible referendum on joining Russia later around.

However, military experts say Kherson isn’t as well defended as other parts of Ukraine presently under Russian control, which makes it an excellent target for any counteroffensive.

Lawrence Freedman, a professor of war studies at Nobleman College London, stated a victory in Kherson is crucial for Ukraine to keep the arrogance of their people and Western partners.

The Kherson regional military governor claimed that Ukrainian troops have previously liberated a large number of villages and towns in the region and therefore are now about 50 kilometers in the fringe of the town.

Mykola Byelyeskov, a military analyst in the National Institute for Proper Studies, a Ukrainian government think tank, told Schemes the Russian equipment being moved over the river looks likes trucks accustomed to supply weapons, ammunition, and food.

The ferries aren’t large and can’t move many vehicles at the same time, he stated.

The Kherson front lines are about 200 kilometers lengthy coupled with recently been challenging to provide.

The current effective attacks against bridges by Ukrainian forces is only going to reduce Russia’s capability to move heavy equipment interior and exterior Kherson, experts stated.

Russian forces are actually “on observe that the Ukrainians can reduce business lines of escape” in Kherson, Freedman stated.

Compiled by Todd Prince according to reporting by Kyrylo Ovsyaniy of Schemes.