Ohio reports stop by COVID-19 cases to 14,536 in a week ago: weekly coronavirus update for Thursday, Sept. 22 – cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The weekly quantity of COVID-19 cases in Ohio decreased dramatically now, from 20,552 cases a week ago to 14,536 now. It had been the 3rd week consecutively that weekly cases dropped, and also the cheapest weekly total as reported by the Ohio Department of Health since early May.

The condition of Ohio each Thursday updates it’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Cases have been rising continuously since mid-June, peaking for that summer time on This summer 28 at 29,876. The figures started shedding in August, and ongoing to lower until an increase at the end of August.

This week’s situation total averages to around 2,076 cases each day over 7 days.

Total reported COVID-19 deaths forever from the pandemic were 39,767.

The entire COVID-19 situation count since early 2020 has arrived at 3,131,645.

As many as 7,465,585 Ohioans have obtained a minumum of one vaccination, representing about 67.4% of Ohioans age 5 or more.

Forever of 2021, there has been 24,777 deaths among people reported as unvaccinated, and 1,369 among people considered to be fully vaccinated. And there has been 76,775 hospitalized Ohioans who weren’t fully vaccinated, and 5,660 fully vaccinated people hospitalized.

The condition doesn’t report for COVID-19 cases whether everyone was vaccinated.

The entire cases being reported lately likely are understated, as most people do not report at-home tests yet others might not be testing whatsoever.

Today’s recap

* Total reported cases: 3,131,645, up 14,536.

* Total reported deaths: 39,676, up 92.

* Total reported hospitalizations: 126,379, up 523.

* Total reported ICU admissions: 14,220, up 41.

Sept. 15 recap

* Total reported cases: 3,117,109, up 20,552.

* Total reported deaths: 39,675, up 99.

* Total reported hospitalizations: 125,856, up 626.

* Total reported ICU admissions: 14,179, up 48.

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