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PolitiFact No, this isn’t a relevant video of China’s army entering Ukraine

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“Chinese military convoy enters Ukraine from Russia.”

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No, this isn’t a relevant video of China’s army entering Ukraine

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  • We found no evidence to aid claims that China has joined Ukraine from Russia, significantly less this video shows a Chinese military convoy in Ukraine. The footage has made an appearance online elsewhere poor a current joint military exercise in Russia’s China region.&nbsp

As senior officials from Russia and China announced they’d decided to take part in more joint military exercises, a rumor spread on social networking the Chinese military was allying with Russian troops invading Ukraine.&nbsp

“Chinese military convoy enters Ukraine from Russia,” stated multiple posts appearing on Facebook Sept. 18.&nbsp

A relevant video within the posts is grainy and appears enjoy it was taken having a mobile phone camera. It shows a type of military vehicles driving lower the street and from time to time, civilian cars is visible driving within the other direction.&nbsp

But there isn’t any evidence to aid the declare that it shows a Chinese military convoy entering Ukraine.&nbsp

These posts were flagged included in Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (On our partnership with Meta, which owns Facebook.)

Since the vehicles within the video are shot in an position, it’s hard to see a few of the finer details within the footage, what seem to be Chinese figures are noticed along the side of some military vehicles. However, the license plates on passenger cars don’t appear to achieve the Ukrainian flag against a blue background, which now adorns plates for the reason that country.&nbsp

The footage made an appearance online as soon as August. 29, if this was published to YouTube. However the account discussing the clip there didn’t declare that it demonstrated a Chinese military convoy entering Ukraine from Russia. Rather, the title, converted from Russian to British using Google Translate, states: “PLA to get familiar with Vostok 2022 land exercises.”

PLA is short for for that People’s Liberation Army, a Chinese military pressure. On August. 17, Reuters reported that Chinese troops would visit Russia to get familiar with joint military exercises brought through the country. China’s defense ministry stated inside a statement at that time that it is participation was “unrelated to the present worldwide and regional situation.”

In This summer, Russia announced it would contain the “Vostok” (meaning “East”) exercises within the country’s China region August. 30-Sept. 5. That’s on the other side of the nation from Russia’s border with Ukraine. The final Vostok exercises in 2018 required place with nearly 300,000 troops considered to be involved, such as the Chinese army, based on Reuters.&nbsp


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Following a broadly-covered meeting Sept. 15 between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, Putin stated that Xi had “concerns and questions” concerning the situation in Ukraine. The thought that China had breached the Russia-Ukraine border could be worldwide news, but there aren’t any credible sources making the claims that come in these Facebook posts.&nbsp

Inside a “an hour” interview that aired on CBS Sept. 18, President Joe Biden stated there’s been “no indication” that China has attempted to assist Russia in the war with Ukraine.

We rate claims this video shows china military entering Ukraine False.

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