Doctors: COVID-19 booster and flu shot could be given at same time – WDBJ

ROANOKE, Veterans administration. (WDBJ) – The autumn months are formally here. Which means the height of flu season can be used soon.

Once we catch up with to cooler weather people these days gather inside, the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts Communication Officer Christie Wills recommends everybody get vaccinated.

“The ideal time is September and October that’s the optimum time to obtain vaccinated for that flu,” stated Wills.

Wills stated you need to get vaccinated should you miss that window since the flu can continue into spring. She stated the department is worried about certain populations.

“People who’re older than 65, in addition to those who have underlying health problems,” added Wills. “And using the flu, we have research that implies that women that are pregnant need to think about it too and obtain vaccinated for that flu.”

Medical officials say flu and COVID-19 vaccines are updated to safeguard against variants circulating at this time.

“You can absolutely get both flu shot and also the COVID shot in the same,” described Wills.

Influenza shot is perfect for anybody six several weeks and older. Everybody over age 12 will get a brand new COVID-19 booster if it’s been 2 several weeks since their last dose of vaccine. Individuals aged 12-17 will get the Pfizer booster only. Individuals 18 and also over are qualified for that Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 booster.

“Both influenza and COVID are respiratory system illnesses that appear to become more active when individuals go inside during these cold temperature several weeks,” stated Wills.

Since September 10, the District has administered 700 doses from the new booster. Click the link to learn more concerning the next clinic.


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