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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – What in the event you do should you test positive for COVID-19? That is one tricky question especially since protocols and guidelines have altered because the pandemic first started.

Winnebago County Public Health Administrator Dr. Sandra Martell discusses exactly what the Stateline community must do, while some aren’t very worried with COVID. Rather taking in the final couple of days of this summer time sun.

“If you receive it, we understand how to fight it, we get sound advice and also the quarantine occasions are shorter now,” stated Alex Woodruff, Auburn Senior High School graduate.

From fourteen days to 5, COVID-19 guidelines have considerably altered because the pandemic started.

“You would go back to the classroom on day six as lengthy as you aren’t getting temperature as well as your signs and symptoms are resolving and you mask through again day ten,” stated Dr. Martell.

But as protocols evolve, some more youthful Rockford residents aren’t too bothered through the possible threat.

“We have sufficient heard immunity and such things as that where it’s essentially become such as the common cold and also the flu, such things as that, sure it’s a bit more severe using the signs and symptoms but it’s like at this time most the folks which are vulnerable to setting it up to be adversely affected they’ve already first got it, they’ve already undergone and such things as that,” Woodruff stated.

And cases are reported differently, rather of driving up to and including testing center, it can be done within the comfort of your home.

“Cases are underreported due to the close availability of the house tests but simultaneously like a percent of total cases we aren’t since many hospitalizations, we’re not seeing as many folks get seriously ill,” stated Dr. Shaun Pothof, UW Health Chief Quality Officer.

But, to more youthful generations, they’re only considering continuing to move forward.

“There’s much more to worry on the planet like at this time especially…because you know everything’s rising in cost, wages are remaining exactly the same, we’re both going to be adults entering the planet, it’s very frightening searching in the world it’s like wow this is exactly what I’m entering,” Woodruff stated.

Both Dr. Pothof and Martell say the easiest method to safeguard yourself is to buy a booster vaccine and consider yet another booster to safeguard yourself from the BA 5 variant this fall.

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