Cambridge Public Health Department Recommends Flu Vaccines and COVID-19 Boosters, Releases Fall Vaccine Clinic Schedule – the town of Cambridge

Once we mind into cooler weather, it’s time for you to consider flu and COVID-19 risks. Flu season will quickly be here. Spending additional time inside implies that there’s more chance for COVID-19 to spread. To safeguard against both of these threats, the Cambridge Public Health Department (CPHD) strongly recommends that residents have an annual flu vaccine And remain up-to-date on COVID vaccinations and boosters.

The CDC recommends that people age 6 several weeks and older get vaccinated from the flu vaccination, with rare exceptions. Different flu vaccines are approved for individuals of various ages. Everybody is deserving of a flu vaccine that’s suitable for how old they are. The Cambridge Public Health Department’s clinics will offer you regular flu vaccine, flu nasal spray, and-dose flu vaccine.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is suggested for everybody age 6 several weeks and older. People age 5 and older should receive boosters. Updated bivalent boosters, that offer protection against multiple COVID variants, are presently suggested for everybody age 12 and older.

Flu shots and COVID vaccines and boosters are broadly offered at local pharmacies and lots of doctors’ offices. CPHD can also be offering several community vaccination clinics in locations across Cambridge to really make it much more convenient for residents to safeguard themselves against severe illness this winter season. These CPHD clinics will start in October and provide flu and COVID vaccines and boosters for residents age 6 several weeks and older.

To see the CPHD vaccine clinic schedule and find out more about flu and COVID-19 vaccination, go to the CPHD website.

Make a scheduled appointment for any flu and/or COVID vaccine here. Residents can check both flu and COVID choices to sign up for two vaccines simultaneously.